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I’m glad you are here. The summer is in full swing and I realize that, so for real, thanks for your attention!

Let me tell you something more about this blog and website, in general. It’s like my third attempt to start a website and my fifth one to start a blog. But why so much, I mean why did the previous shots failed? There could be many different reasons but I think that the primary one is that the majority of you – the readers – have never ever heard of a website of mine. I was kind of afraid to make my websites live. I mean, that perfectionism thing that comes to mind when you think of a big audience. It may not be that huge, it may only be the 5 people who constantly like your Facebook stuff and are your closest friends, but… It’s definitely some kind of an audience that begets an uncomfortable feeling in your stomach. You get me? Well, then some, I’d say, natural thoughts, came to my mind, for instance – would I continue living in a constant struggle for perfection that could never reach it’s potential (or said otherwise – fear of imperfection) or I’d rather split my endpoint on many small pieces which would be reached through a constant improvement? That probably sounds too deep but in plain words I asked myself whether I prefer to air a perfect product or a non-perfect one which adjusts itself accordingly. And then, I had to guess the pros and the cons of each approach.

Well, the perfection one’s pros seem to be clear. What about the cons? Actually, the first question to appear is, based on what does one determine perfection? What’s the criteria that defines the term perfection? What’s actually ‘perfection’? It is certainly something subjective and if it is only an inner point of view, without opinions and external corrections – it’s wrong. Looked alike, perfection is something that’d always look further and further away, no matter if you are working to reach it or not. It develops itself. It’s a barrier. Not a barrier, a wall. And it may look like a great destination, it’s actually a great one but the way to it is completely abnormal and unnatural and takes way too much resource if it is attainable at all.

I became too philosophical again. But I hope you get me. The upper reasons are the ones based on which I chose the second approach, the non-perfect but aired product, which creates some kind of audience, having live data. Taking this live data into account may lead to something close to the term ‘perfect’ but close to the realism as well.

That’s the story behind this post, this blog and this website in general. And after it’s the first blog post I’m airing into my newly opened blog section, I ‘d like to say that there are constantly new things that attract my attention and I’d try to post as often as possible but I won’t like to set myself any boundaries or deadlines because you know, the quality content is more likely to appear after a time well spent and not in a hurry.

Thank you for your attention! Feel free to drop a line below, into the comments section or to mail me.


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