It’s been a crazy year, don’t you think?

A year full of tops and drops. A year full of memories, excitement, unfulfilled plans and goals, fulfilled ones, disappointments, delights, extreme feelings, motivation, new and great friendships, lost ones…

Many great people left and many crummy are still here.

Many people left misunderstood.

Many weren’t willing to be understood.

Many perceptions differed.

So many great things happened that they could barely be described.

We got through one more year and the whirlwind of life touched us in one way or another. I’d like to ask you to sit down for a few minutes in the remaining hours of 2018 and give yourself the general stocktaking of the past year. Was it worth it all the effort put in something that didn’t worked out, what went wrong because of a mistake you made, how could you do better and what could you conclude in general?

My grandpa’s always saying that a true expert is the one who had made all possible mistakes. The mistakes we’re making are not a sign that we are going the wrong way but are just making us betterly prepared for the future and for the way we are meant to walk. Of course for that to happen, we have to give ourselves the calculation of what we did wrong. For me, that list is kinda huge. The past year I wasn’t that purposeful and in some situations I was behaving inadequately because of that floating general purpose. I made some bad decisions and pushed things that weren’t meant to work out, obviously. Sometimes I did wrong to people I love, whom I really want to apologize deeply and tell them that this wrong wasn’t made on purpose or with anything bad in mind for sure. Sometimes I made good which left unseen. But you know, that’s just how life works.

I’ll halt my writings for now because it is time to celebrate.

I wish you a better year, a year full of health, wisdom, luck and joy, I’d like to wish you to improve yourself in the way you believe suits you the best. Further all, I hope that 2019 would be greater than 2018 for you.

Happy celebrations and beware with the drinks tonight:)

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3 thoughts on “Brief (And a Little Melancholic) Review of 2018

  • Cool. You present the wisdom you are talking about. Right on.
    In the nutshell : we felt down to stand up and walk The Path.
    Written this you called for better 2019.
    Go on.

  • Great content! Super high-quality! Keep it up! 🙂

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